Hello everyone. My name is John your instructor. Thank you so much for participating in this course. I look forward to working with you.

Few things to note.


In order to be added to the mailing list for course updates, #gamedev updates, etc you will need to sign up through this form. Signup Form This is required if you want to receive e-mail updates.

When I send out e-mails in regards to updates to this course or other content you will receive them from the following e-mail address [email protected]. I recommend adding this to your address book so it doesn't get mislabeled as spam.


How do I get help with something?

You can ask questions in the Student Discord, comment, or even e-mail me.I highly recommend joining the student discord as then everyone will be able to benefit from any help you receive but you may feel free to leave a comment on the course or even e-mail me.


How do I access the Student Discord Server?

Link is provided in the lecture "Student Discord". Check this for details.

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